Let's Go Outdoors, PO Box 27551, Philadelphia, PA 19118, 866-878-3595
Connecting City Communities to Outdoor Experiences!
Overview and Mission

Minorities lack participation in outdoor recreation activities, with African American participation rates only at 8% while Caucasian participation is at 80% according to The 2009 Outdoor Foundation's Recreation Participation Report. Closing this gap is important for the sustainability of our environment, but also because, "As the world becomes a majority minority population, participation in outdoor activities among diverse groups is becoming increasingly important..." which leads to the mission of Let's Go Outdoors.
Let's Go Outdoors seeks to raise family and individual participation in outdoor recreation (i.e., camping, hiking, fishing, etc.), especially among people of color and/or city communities.  We do this by offering easy, convenient, one-of-a-kind outdoor-themed sessions, campouts/retreats, youth leadership activities, environmental education, afterschool programming and teacher training/development, plus tailored special experiences for organizations.

If you, your organization or constituents need an introduction to the outdoors, are seeking innovative programming, want to consider outdoor recreation lesson ideas or have a goal to build unity within a group/family without the use of a computer or TV... Let's Go Outdoors is the answer.  Select one of the options below to learn more: 

Let's Go Outdoors tailors its programs to the novice outdoor enthusiast and/or those who want to "try" or "ease" into outdoor recreation activities.  We give you a reason  to "go" and be excited about the outdoors. Join us today!

Click here to view our informational video or contact us for more information on how you can get involved with Let's Go Outdoors. 
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